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Join the Data Protection Alliance: Protect the Value of the Data Driven Marketing Economy

During its Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI) Policymaker Forum, DMA announced the creation of the Data Protection Alliance, a new federal legislative coalition that will focus specifically on ensuring that effective regulation and legislation protects the value of the Data-Driven Marketing Economy far into the futureLearn more here.

The Data Protection Alliance is open to DMA member organizations and association partners. If your organization would like to join the Data Protection Alliance, please contact Cris DeBiase.

DDMI Announces Groundbreaking Study on the Value of Data

DDMI website thumbnailOn October 14, the Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI) announced the results of a ground-breaking study quantifying the value of the Data-Driven Marketing Economy (DDME). DMA President and CEO Linda A. Woolley unveiled the report, entitled “The Value of Data: Consequences for Insight, Innovation, and Efficiency in the U.S. Economy,” during her opening address at DMA2013, The Global Event for Data-Driven Marketers. Learn more here.



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